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\(^ w^)/ ~ ~Welcome on my Profile and Gallery ~ ~ \(^w ^)/

About Me:
* My True Name is Cherique But people can always make a nickname of me
* Im 19 year old
* Female
* I live Holland/The Netherlands Holland Stamp by NoNamepje
* i Only Can Spreak/Type: Dutch & Enlish
I speak Dutch STAMP by DorothyBomeraang Dutch flag by Kavel-WB I speak English by Tifa22
* Love to make new friends or talk
* A girl who Love to Draw everyday at school, outside or at home~~>w<
* I'm Cheerful, i can be Serious of something, can be Very Worred,Can be very Shy, Most time very sleepy xD (i sleep in the lesson in school and dont get problem =w=zzz)
can be Daydreaming, can be Anoyyed by some people (the way how they act to me or someone close to me) can be Fast sad or Depression And im Very Helpfull i love Helping people with much or little things.

What you should know about me:
* im be Born in Holland But my Mom and Dad (and most of my other femally) where born in Curaçao that somewhere in South Amirca a little Island

Country of Curacao by Flag-Stamps

* I wear Glasses They are L= -11 & R =-12 STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz
* I have Dyslexia (mabey autism but im not sure about it)
* I talk not fast about my self dont know why but it should do most of time say i most time talk if someone ask me
* I have been to go to school but My school are -> Special education
* I'm Catholic I belife in Jesus
(im kind of weird and some people may say im crazy because i belife in Satan, Devil's, Angle's, Ghost, Demon ect )

*im bad at asking qaustion is something that i dont do much but i have qastion im somehow scary to ask(that people dont understand me or thikns is really weird in my explane while same qastion so pleash understand that...)

* lost most of my memories i hit my back of my head 3 time
2 time i feel really dizzy and not feeling good
3 time i lost very much things and could not
concentrate or remember or keep doning things at school at all and i still feel the demange on the back of my heart time to time( in a mounth or 2 or random days)

* I stay the whole night up and sleep in the day i dont know why but somehow i caint sleep althoud im really sleepy so mabey i have sleep Problems

* i have been 4 year and mabey a half be Very Depression ( i already did a test and
research by Psychology. Docters dont really fully help me somehow)

* i have problem with working i can get fast tired or work really slow if someonwe talk to much(like teacher) i will forget the things he/she say before that also if i need go somewhere and after week again ask to me i complety forget it somehow.
I only reaply little things from the whole explane

(Psychology -> PuntP so it calls the organisation who helps chilrden/kids who have this kind of problems who dont knew about it) They explane me because of a Test i did there

About my Art & Drawing:
*~I take my time to Draw, im may be slow but i always try to make the best of it~*
*i feel i always draw diffrent klike really difffrent style in art. i dont do it it just happend somehow and sometime i really want chance things

* i Never been go to a Art School i learned draw on my self, So im very sorry if my Body base look werid but it is my Style i love chance it but that will take times

* i draw most time flowers because my mom draw always in her Albums flowers so i stared draw things really diffrent with flowers

* i Draw most time only Line, Skect, Black & White and sometime Color
(Color for me really random i love Colors but i Dont like sometime the Color of the Pencils or is really me who things weird or not match)

* What i can Draw : Head, Chibi, Avi Art, Own Desige, Full Body

Full Body ( i still need learn arm, legs, feet and hands but that evry Artsi Bad in in the begin)
Furry (start to learn because of my little brother)
Animal (kind of i draw them really diffrent)
Background( is very much work but i will do it sometime with or little details)

Other Things:
* Beside of Drawing I can Make Cakes
(becuase i needed choise what i want to follow in the futrer and because Art was not in it i chouse Bakeing)

And my most of my familly always back Cake With alcohol or withoud (and no it is Not Soice cake it is something about my country why do that)

* i Make my own Bags or Dolls (school wordk but i still Contine it home)
*i made my own small closet For little things


(=^ W ^=)~~~~ HAVE GREAT DAY ~~~~(=^ W ^=)

*I love to talk to people very much but im shy and can be nervous most of time...
^ w^Ask, Qastions, Comment, Favo, Watch ect all up to you there no Rush^w ^

Copyright ~ image by OtomeNishiki

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